What is a quick freezer?

What is a quick freezer?

A Look at what is a quick freezer

Before we go in depth on how a quick freezer can dramatically improve a businesses overall product quality and inventory longevity, let’s look at what is a quick freezer.

A Quick Freezer is a specialized freezer that is focused on decreasing freezing time of products to increase product in the same amount of time. There is a large variety of quick freezer’s in the market. That is why finding the right quick freezer for your business might be more difficult than you think. It will require a lot of research and time to find a quick freezer that would benefit your company.

How a Quick Freeze Freezer Works and 3D freezer introduction?

Now that you have an idea of what a quick freezer is and how it works, next let’s talk about how these types of freezers are different from the rest. One of the major points is just how fast some of these freezers are. As an example, let’s look at a very popular line among true business professionals, the 3D freezer. This line of quick freezers are able to reach the freezing temperatures of -1C to -5C., the zone in which deterioration starts to slow down, in a matter of minutes!

This special type of quick freezer is able to do this by using it’s special 3D freezer system!

This special 3D freezer system is called Anti-Cycle Vibration cold system or ACVCS. ACVS is a special system that was made to freeze food and ingredients cold or hot (up to 90 C ) via circulation of hot air into the venting system and makes it cold air, hitting the product that is being frozen from not only one angle, but in all angles to fully freeze the surface in a much faster rate. This not only allows the contents that are being frozen to freeze quickly, but also are frozen in away that maintains the contents original flavor and texture.

Please look at the image below to see what the 3D freezer can do for your business.

Below is all that is noted in the image above.

Introducing: 3D Freezer
“A revolutionary 3D Freezer with next gen Quick Freezing Technology! ”
3D Freezer Features:
-ACVCS Technology
-360 Degree freezing to freeze all surfaces at the same time!
– Frozen contents will maintain original texture and flavor
– No ice buildup in the vents for easy cleaning. Guaranteed
– Freezer models customization to fit any space.
– low cost, fast and effective freezing!

The 3D freezer is only one of the several types of quick freezers that are out there to not only make sure you can increase production without having to worry about slow freezing storage, but you can rest assured that with a quick freezer like the 3D freezer that the products that you freeze will maintain their original texture and flavor!

Where to find a Quick Freezer for Sale

There are multiple places where you will find quick freezers for sale. The biggest markets for freezers at the moment are Alibaba and Ebay (depending on where your company is located). But not all the buyers in these market will provide you with all the necessary equipment in order for you to set up a quick freezer in your business.

Another important point to consider when you decide to find a quick freezer for sale in these online markets is the fact that since it’s all done online, there is rarely a chance for the buyers to of these freezers to test them out before purchase. This is okay if you want to purchase a small quick freezer, but if you are a growing business and have a lot of products you wish to store through quick freezing this might not be enough. That is why we partnered with 3D freezer manufacturer to custom make the best 3D freezer for sale.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, you are in charge of how you manage your business. And as a professional business owner you have the option to really look and find for what is right for your business in order for it to grow and succeed.

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